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“It’s Like Rain…On Your Wedding Day”


Imagine this.  It’s coming up on your big day.  Everything is set.  The cake is ordered, the disc jockey is booked, the videographer is scheduled, the photographer has done beautiful engagement photos, the minister is ready to pronounce you man and wife…you may kiss the bride and all that good stuff.  Your vision is complete…It’s just one day away…

And then the blizzard hits…and it hits hard.  Well, this actually happened to a friend of mine on the East Coast.  Mike and Gaby were scheduled to have an outside wedding with their reception in a tent…That idea was nixed.  The airport closed.  Sorry.  The best man can’t get there.  The bakery roof caved in.  Wedding cake  — gone.  The roads closed.  Say goodbye to the photographer and videographer.  Yay…we have the DJ.  His office was close to the venue.  Darn…the power’s out.  Wow…the DJ had a generator with him.  Yay, the power’s back on.

Their wedding site turned into an evacuation location for the locals.  People straggled in from all over.  They were cold, wet, hungry and, dare I say, grouchy.   Mike and Gaby’s big day turned into a crazy one for sure.  Half the guests were missing.  Half of the bridal party arrived late.  His parents never arrived at all.

Yet, they began their life’s journey together that day.  Amidst all the chaos, they said their “I Dos.”  The evacuees were invited to join in the celebration.  All were treated to a wedding ceremony, a warm meal, and lots of dancing while the storm raged outside.

I met Mike and Gaby while they were on their honeymoon in Hawaii.  They regaled me with stories of their big day.  Was it the one they planned?  Heck, no.  But they muddled through it with the help of some determined vendors and staff at their wedding site.  They came away with so many wonderful and cherished memories.  They still talk about their big day.  It’s been close to 27 years.  They now share their love story with their kids and soon with their first grandchild.

You never know where your happily ever after will take you.  Just hang on and enjoy the ride.

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