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Grade School Crush…and So Much More

Grade School Crush…and So Much More
My name is Karla Fuentes and my fiancé is Ryan Ledford. I like to think our story is unique because not everyone gets to marry their middle school sweetheart.  Our love story began back when we were 6th graders at Lakeside Middle School in Norwalk, CA. We were both young kids and thought we had found the love of our lives ! Little did we know… we did!
As our 6th grade year was ending Ryan and his family had to move to a different city.  And to a couple of kids, that was what seemed to be the end of everything. We said our goodbyes and thought we’d never see each other again.
We both went on and grew up a bit, not talking again until one day during our junior year of high school when Ryan returned to the high school I was attending. Feeling surprised and excited, we said hello to each other and began talking again.  Everything was like it was before. Everything felt so easy, and we picked up right where we left off! We have been together Since the summer of 2005… juniors in high school.
Since then we’ve had our ups and downs but have been strong enough to overcome any hardships that come our way, Which has only made our love stronger and deeper.
Ryan always said that on our 10-year anniversary he was going to propose. I never really believed it,  But sure enough when that time came he took me out to Seal Beach and got down on one knee in front of the water and asked me to marry him! Of course I said YES!!
So here we are 3 months before our wedding!!  Feeling extremely excited to share our special day with everyone we love!!
Thank you so much for helping us make our day extra special!!!
With love,
Karla & Ryan
Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Ledford ❤️


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