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Fun Wedding Traditions

I thought I’d put together some wedding fun facts and traditions for you to ponder.  Happy reading.

  • In the 1500s most couples got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May and were still smelling “pretty good.” The bride also carried a bouquet of flowers to mask the body odor.
  • 70 percent of brides still wear their wedding ring on the fourth finger of their left hand because ancient Egyptians believed that the vein in that hand (the vein of love) ran directly to the heart.
  • One of history’s earliest recorded wedding rings was given to Henry the VIII’s daughter Mary. She was two years old.
  • Speaking of Henry the VIII, all of his wives were related to one another.
  • There’s someone or something out there for everyone. In 1976 Janine Swift officially married a 50 lb rock.  20 “guests” witnessed the marriage.
  • Can you imagine that way back when, a bride would stand at the groom’s left. That way the groom had his right hand free to fend off other suitors and protect his beloved.

  • In many cultures they actually tie the hands of the bride and groom together. This would represent their bond as a newly married couple.  This is where the phrase “tying the knot” originated.
  • A sapphire wedding ring means marital happiness.
  • Couples in Denmark traditionally cross dressed to ward off evil spirits.
  • As many disc jockeys can attest, “Canon in D” is by far the most requested wedding ceremony song. It’s requested even more than the Wedding March or Bridal March.  As time goes on, wedding music evolves and changes.  Always remember, it’s your special day.  You choose the music you want to hear.

Traditions, both old and new, are part of every couple’s vision for their big day.  And while every walk down the aisle is unique and very special, we can rest assured each happy couple brings their own traditions and dreams and vision to their wedding day.  And we’ll all be eternally thankful that each couple (and their guests) takes more than one bath per year.



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