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Coffee and a Vintage VW = True Love

This story of Christine and Sean is so special.  As we go through our day-to-day lives, when we least expect it….BAM!!!!  Fate comes knocking and you meet THE ONE.  FLY BY NIGHT DJs is honored to share in their big day on Oct. 29th.  Here’s their story:

How we met: We met at a Coffee Bean in Brea on Easter. Thanks to him I was late to my family’s Easter shindig. I actually bought him his foo foo frappe that day.

Who proposed & how: Sean proposed to me. He picked me up one day after work & took us to pick up Sprinkles Cupcakes & Peets Coffee before heading over to Newport Beach. Sean waited till AFTER the sunset to propose. When he proposed, All i saw was black because it was so dark out. He asked if I wanted to marry him and I thought “Okay.  Well, this conversation probably could of happened about 10 minutes earlier while there was a little light out.” Anyways, of course I said YES.
He asked if I was going to take my ring and put it on… but, again, I couldn’t see anything.  So I was like “Oh, yeah, that… Let me get my cell phone so I can use the light to find it and see whats going on.” That’s Sean for ya.
Best Date ever: Sean says our best date ever was when he took me cruising in his ’71 VW Squareback in old town Temecula. He took me to a diner for breakfast & we went antiquing. I don’t believe we bought anything that day. If I remember correctly, we just roamed around the antique shops for hours just looking at all the unique vintage & old antiques.
That was also the date of our first kiss. The VW has no air conditioner & so he pulled over on the side of the road for us to hang out in the shade and chill. Then that’s when he slam dunked me with our first kiss. He didn’t even consider my lipstick. That… got ALL over the place LOL
Congrats to you, Christine and Sean!!!!
Here’s to Happily Ever After!!!
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