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Choosing the Right DJ Company


Interviewing a potential disc jockey is like going on an awkward first date — you both hope there’s chemistry, but it can be confusing to know exactly what to talk about and what questions to ask.  Here are a few QUESTIONS you should ASK before hiring the DJ company for your once-in-a-lifetime special day.

  1. Is this your full-time business? Are weddings your primary focus? What types of events have you performed at in addition to weddings? Determine whether they are a well-rounded, successful entertainer who can bring a level of expertise and versatility to your event. “You want to ensure that your DJ isn’t a one-dimensional part-timer, but a true performer with extensive experience. Be careful if a DJ company bad-mouths former clients or their competitors. That’s not professional, nor is it appropriate.
  2. How do you customize the music experience for each couple? Can you help with song lists and providing suggestions? Find a DJ who will create a soundtrack for your wedding that is based on your style, taste, and vision for that day. It’s your big day and one size does not fit all. Make sure your DJ knows your likes and dislikes. An entertainer must be flexible and willing to work with you to help create the musical vision of your special day.
  3. How do you get the crowd pumped? There are all kinds of incentives that DJs use to encourage guests to storm the dance floor. There’s the anniversary dance or a snowball dance. One recent couple assured our FLY BY NIGHT DJ that they’re crowd LOVED “Welcome to the Jungle.”  Sure enough, it was a throw-back song that the crowd loved!!  They went wild on the dance for which helped make our couple extremely satisfied with the music we played.  Your DJ needs to read the crowd, create the energy and then keep it up.  We like to make sure to have all sorts of genres on hand to accommodate everyone and keep them dancing.
  4. How do you handle song requests? Some DJs (with the permission of the newlyweds) may tell guests that they need to stick to their playlist, but they’ll do their best to fit in their song, while others will appoint a bridesmaid or relative to screen particular requests (so that the DJ doesn’t need to interrupt the new Mr. and Mrs. mid-dance). But remember, you’re the boss. If you don’t want something played, it won’t be.
  5. Can I hear some examples of mixing and blending different tracks? When mixing is done correctly, you probably aren’t even aware of it. The DJ should be able to blend between songs seamlessly.
  6. What sound equipment do you utilize? Do you have back-up equipment? A DJ is only as good as his equipment. Preferred methods of playing music is ever-changing. FLY BY NIGHT Disc Jockeys offers state-of-the-art sound systems along with computerized play lists with access to almost any song You want to hear.  You want to ensure that your DJ company provides great sound, speed, and tone. FLY BY NIGHT DJS also sends a tech to every wedding to ensure that all equipment operates perfectly. Backup equipment is also essential: DJs should always have the equivalent of a “flat spare” on hand, whether it be a microphone, computer, mixer, et cetera.
  7. Have you played at our chosen wedding venue before? If not, can you make a site visit beforehand? If your DJ hasn’t played at a specific venue before, ask for that site visit. This visit gives the DJ an opportunity to meet location representatives, understand accoustics and lighting design. A DJ should also be able to provide Proof of Insurance to each location.  This provides additional peace of mind.
  8. Do we have our choice of DJs to select from, or is one automatically assigned to us depending on date availability? What happens in case of an emergency? Choice is important, very important. Whether you need a DJ that will play games, teach dances, is bilingual or just plays music, the choice is yours. FLY BY NIGHT DJs have a large variety of DJs that are designed to fit your style and personality and have the proper experience and skill for your wedding,  Whether you’re looking for an Elite, a Premier or Classic DJ, we can fit the bill.  We spend time with our clients in order to understand their vision of the perfect wedding day.  Then we show video clips of those DJs that fit the bill.
  9. What other services do you offer (e.g. lighting, HD video screens)? Some DJ packages come with extra services such as uplighting or gobos (personalized spotlights with your names and wedding date). Video screens are also often requested. Check with your DJ company to see what they can provide. It’s often easier dealing with one vendor for all products rather than a many different vendors.  Figure out your spending plan and most companies will work with you to provide the best service and amenities possible.  On a quick side note, FLY BY NIGHT has a complete audio visual department designed to enhance and complete any event!!!
  10. Why should I choose your company as my wedding DJ? It’s great to throw in a curveball, to see what they consider to be their best attribute: Is it their amazing sound equipment? Their can-do-anything personality? Or is it their professionalism and dedication towards making your wedding a success? Hopefully, all of the above!
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